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EternalSnow.com is not liable or responsible for any loss of entry – including but not limited to, electronic communication malfunctions, injury, or property damage in connection to with giveaway, or giveaway results.

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Prizes CANNOT be exchanged for different sizes or colors. Re-gift them if need be. Items have no cash value at Eternal and CANNOT be redeemed for store credit.


Must be at least 18 years old to enter - minors must obtain written parental/guardian permission. You must be a US resident. No foreign entries will be accepted. One entry per person.

Winner Notification

Winners will be selected randomly. Winners will be notified by email. Winner must claim any prize within 10 days of notification or the winner WILL forfeit his/her prize. Prizes will be sent directly to the winner free of charge. EternalSnow.com is not responsible for damages to prizes once they have been shipped.


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